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Business Data Record Services Company Profile

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Business Data Record Services is a privately owned and managed Minnesota company since 1979 providing flexible personalized service. BDRS provides storage and destruction for paper documents and computer media. Our highly trained staff will work together with you to design, develop and maintain a customized approach to manage your information needs.

National service is provided with our affiliation through the National Record Centers (NRC). NRC is a national alliance of Affiliates and Agents around the world working together to provide records management services to clients in all major markets. Our clients range in size from small independent businesses to Fortune 500 Companies. Our customers expect: competitive pricing, timely service regardless of geography, and local customer care with national support accountability.

Employees of Business Data Record Services are bonded and insured, sign confidentiality agreements, submit to random drug testing and complete background checks. Our drivers are easily recognized by company uniforms and photo ID's. Deliveries are transported in company owned vehicles equipped with GPS tracking and two-way communication.

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